NCIG NCase Powerbank Portable Charger by NASTY **ORIGINAL

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The zappiest powerbank, it can charge your NCIG up to 5 times (with full battery). Designed with 2 slots, one for the charger and one for storing the NPOD. It is furnished with modern but minimal design with the idea of ‘less is more’.


Weight 60g
Dimension 100 × 40 × 20 mm
Case to store NCIG Kit
Stylish Design
Charges your NCIG up to 5 times (with full battery)
Capacity 1200mAh (4.35v)
Input & Output 5V - 1A


Compatible with:
NCIG POD Starter Kit Vape


Brand: NCIG (NCase)
Model: Powerbank Portable Charger
Max Capacity: 1200mAh
Colour: Black


Each set contains:
1X NCIG NCase Powerbank Portable Charger


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